Getting consumers to engage with your brand is not an easy feat these days. With tons of products and services saturating the markets, your brand needs to create a compelling story in order to stand out from the rest. Storytelling is hard, we often have only a few seconds to engage with and keep the attention of our consumers, so how are we supposed to compete in such a vast market?

It’s important to note that we are creating and consuming stories constantly,

- In the posts and updates we share on our social channels every day
- In the religions we follow and teach to our young ones  
- In our daydreams about the future and life
- In the entertainment and advertising we see around every corner
- In the lyrics of songs that we enjoy listening to
- From conversations and interactions with friends and family
- In our dreams and sleep at night
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Here are 3 reasons why storytelling is the best way for brands and marketers to engage with their consumers.

1. Storytelling connects consumers to your brand on a deeper level
Since the beginning of time, stories have been told and are at a fundamental level, the transcending connection between generations. It’s a basic experience that has united people for centuries and even shaped existing social norms.

Even in the primitive years, cave men used storytelling to communicate, share ideas and thoughts, educate, and connect with others. The same goes for companies today, stories are used to create an emotional and deeper connection between the brand and consumer.

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Although we believe our decisions to be rational, we are heavily influenced by our emotions. If you can connect with your audience at this level, you can keep them hooked, build brand loyalty and drive more engagement.

2. Storytelling opens the door for experiences
Through stories, brands can transmit meaning and knowledge directly to their consumers. As human beings, we learn through observations and experiences, and will share our experiences with others through stories.

Storytelling allows brands to offer experiences that tie into their overall messaging and create a deeper emotional connection with the consumer. Through experiential marketing, brands can develop their stories into a live experience that allows consumers to understand the brand beyond product/service features and benefits.  

While advertisements can evoke emotions within a consumer, there is nothing like bringing a live experience that they can physically enjoy, connect with, and share with friends.

3. Stories can be driven through data
Digital data is exponentially growing and being collected, today brands have so much data on their consumers and yet do not know how to properly capitalize on it. Using this data is key to developing quality content and ultimately telling a story that resonates with your consumers.

You don’t always need words to tell a story, if brands know how to properly sift through their data so they can find relevant trends and interests then the emotional connection you bring will transcend far beyond words. Find out why consumers enjoy your brand and consistently develop your narrative through the various data points.

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