Sponsorships & Events

Event veterans with a vast international network of top-tier B2C and B2B events.

Event Production

We help you to produce seamless and astonishing events from A to Z. We handle attendee management, event promotion, event design, venue, catering, AV, entertainment, and on-site management all the way to the nitty gritty details of insurance, licensing, and permits.

Event Sponsorships

We help you to execute an aligned event partnership portfolio with exclusive opportunities ranging from logo integration, media packages, hosting, product placement, and brand footprints. We have a deep network of event partners across North America including Toronto International Film Festival, Formula1 Grand Prix, the Superbowl, Coachella, ComiCon and more!

VIP Experiences

Through our decades of work in the event industry, we have gained exclusive access to the coolest VIP opportunities out there. If you are looking for can’t buy experiences, we can help you get access to those invigorating behind the scenes moments from dinners with sport legends, to artist worlds access at music festivals, to tickets to underground members-only events.

Corporate Hosting

We understand how vital that authentic moment can be for closing a sale with a client or inspiring your team. We help you organize everything from corporate suites at sport games, to front row seats at fashion shows, to helicopter tours and yacht dinners. We execute to perfection and act as back-up to you on-site so that you can have that flawless experience with your clients.

Conferences & Tradeshows

We help you to manage your full scope of conference and tradeshow needs. We have a long history in the industry and can get you into the top conferences in the world with the best deals. From the tech industry, to gaming, to food, to healthcare, to fashion, we know it all. Let us know your goals and we will pull a full portfolio of opportunities in your desired geographic regions and timelines to meet your needs.

Digital Strategy

We help you to identify your brand’s buyer personas and customer journey, and translate that into a complete digital strategy to achieve your digital goals. We outline key success metrics and ensure digital alignment with all marketing activities and broader business goals. Through the implementation phases, we continue to measure and optimize your digital strategy for performance.

Search Engine Optimization

We help you to identify existing content in need of optimization by conducting a complete SEO audit. We then develop an SEO and keyword strategy to increase your brands ranking on search engines. We ensure your digital content is optimized for search, updating headlines, alt text, and metadata for optimum rankings.

PPC Marketing

We help you grow your digital traffic and conversion metrics by developing pay-per-click marketing programs for your brand. We combine text ads, display ads, and shopping ads with precision audience targeting to drive traffic that will convert.

Email Marketing

We help you to build and manage effective email marketing campaigns to optimize delivery and open rates. We develop email templates to achieve your campaign goals, setup automation processes to engage your customers over time, and manage campaigns for optimization.

Social Media Marketing

We create both organic and paid social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning, content ideation, and implementation schedules. We offer complete social account management services with monthly content calendars and continuous community engagement to foster account engagement and develop a brand community.

We expertly execute the full scope of your event needs with our specialist teams.

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